ChampVille Vanilla on hiatus

Hello everyone,

You probably already noticed but the (Main) vanilla server is gone.
Due to a lack of interest from the community I have let it expire so for the moment we wont have a vanilla server. After a short discussion we have decided to keep it on hiatus untill a newer Minecraft version comes out.
So currently the plan is to wait untill Minecraft 1.9 comes out and then we’ll get a vanilla server back online.

In the meantime you can enjoy playing FTB Infinity on Pied_Piper_11’s Server, the IP for this server is and always has been

If you’re not whitelisted then you can ask Piper or Deathmachine on the FTB sub-forum here:
I have edited to also link to Piper’s server so either IP is usable.

So in summary; Vanilla gone. Will be back whenever Minecraft 1.9 comes out. Feed the Beast is online in the meantime.

– Dittiox

ChampVille Vanilla goes 1.8!

After a month of playing on minecraft snapshots mojang has finally released the full version of 1.8!

The server has been updated accordingly so now you can fiddle around with all the new features without having to worry about the server version.

There is a changelog available on the forum:

Basicly 1.8 includes:
– Slime blocks
– Armor stands
– Banners
– Ocean Monument (Dungeon)
– Some new animals/mobs: rabbits, endermites, ocean gaurdians and elder ocean gaurdians
– Some new blocks
– Some new commands
– Some new food and mechanics
And a load of bugfixes/optimisations

The server might update to bukkit later if there is a need for it.

– Dittiox

ChampVille Factions!

After a quick poll we’ve decided to turn the vanilla server into a Factions server untill Minecraft 1.8 comes out.

As you might know, we plan on resetting the map at 1.8 because of the amount of new content that it has.

During the wait for 1.8 we’ll engage in battle and compete to become the strongest faction in the server!
The server is still whitelisted and the IP is

More information about the plugins and some links to useful wikis can be found on the forums:

Vanilla server transfer

The vanilla server has been transferred to a different server host.

Like our previous host the physical location of the server is Amsterdam, Netherlands.
With this transfer the server went from 1,5Gb of ram to 2Gb of ram!
The host currently in use is the same one used for the Attack of the B-Team server.

Lesser lagg and issues are expected with this transfer.

The server IP has been updated and should now point to the new server!

Have fun!

– Dittiox

ChampVille – Attack of the B-Team server!

Good News everyone,

Our Attack of the B-Team server is online!
Attack of the B-Team is a modpack that was designed with one thing in mind: crazy mad science!
With the help of the B-Team they hand picked the wackiest mods they could find and shoved them all in a modpack.

You can download the Technic Launcher here:
From there you can download the Attack of the B-Team modpack.

Server IP: [canceled]

You can read the mods included in this modpack over here:
I suggest you look up videos by BdoubleO100 and Generikb for info on how some of these mods work.

You can also look up a wiki for the individual mods for more detailed information.

Have fun!

A new map, new biomes and a world download

On the 1st of November we’ve started a vote whether we should reset the map for 1.7 or not.

After a short amount of time it was clear that the majority wanted a new map (the other one was over 6 months old)


With this new map we’ve also updated to Minecraft 1.7


The old map was properly backed up and put up for download so that all your hard work isnt lost forever.

(You can start downloading the map here)

After your download is done please keep seeding for a while if you have the internet for it.


Enjoy the new map!

– Dittiox

1.6.4, UHC Mode and New IP

Good news everyone,


Despite what some of you thought; the vanilla server is not dead.
For some reason our host has changed the IP of the server without sending a notification so it took some time to realize and update the DNS. now correctly points to the new IP
Alternatively you could use if the DNS doesn’t work for you.
Everything remained the same, nothing is lost, only the IP has changed.
(You can check the server statuses here)


The server is now in UHC mode after a vote & discussion took place on the forums.
UHC Mode means that you wont regenerate your health naturally when your hunger is full and you have to resort to the use of potions, golden apples and beacons instead.
Upon the activation of UHC Mode we also decided to make a new death counter on the player list screen so you can see how much deaths you made during UHC mode.


And lastly,
We finally updated to 1.6.4 after waiting for far too long and you should be able to load up the areas that are important to you so they won’t bug out in Minecraft 1.7.


– Dittiox

1.6 is out, we wont update yet!

UPDATE: Bukkit has been rolling out 1.6 development version and we will be using those untill a stable one comes out.


As many of you know we run Bukkit on our main server utilizing a protection plugin that allows us to rollback in case of grief.

Now whenever a new version of Minecraft rolls out it takes a day or two for the Bukkit team to release a working 1.6 Bukkit version which we will wait for patiently..

However if you want to experiment with all the new 1.6 features you can go to our event/creative server because it will be updated to 1.6 for science!


Small list of 1.6 features:
– Added Horses, Donkeys and Mules
– Improved the idea of difficulty
– Added Health Boost, Absorption and Saturation status effects
– A new Minecraft launcher!
– A ton of bugfixes
– Texture packs are now Resource packs allowing for sounds to be changed.
– A attribute system (useful for map makers)

For a bigger list go to our forums:


main server wont update to 1.6 yet
event/creative server will update to 1.6
1.6 is out

– Dittiox

Map Reset and Old World Download!

After a debated vote there has been decided that it was time to get a new map on the vanilla server.
This means that all your previous progress & builds are lost but in return allows us to rebuild our vanilla community and start a whole new adventure together.

The old map has been properly backed up and has now been put available for download so you can check back and look at how you did things in the old map so you can possibly rebuild them in the current (new) map!

Please keep seeding the torrent so other people can download it aswell.

Have fun in the new map!

– Dittiox

Whitelist Cleanup Round #2!

I have cleaned up the whitelist… Again!
Basicly everyone who hasnt logged in in the past few months have been removed but will be re-added again if they show any sign of live.

So if you or any of your (previously) whitelisted friends are missing, let me know!
I think I fairly know who plays and who doesn’t but I could’ve still removed someone by accident.

To be sure that you’re still whitelisted you should check the whitelist on ChampFile to see if you and your friends are still on it.

The whitelist went from 173 to 86 whitelisted players this time.

– Dittiox